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Letter from Michael L. George Sr., Chairman of the Board

You may know me from the series of book on Lean Six Sigma as discussed in my biography.

After the sale of the George Group Consultants to Accenture, my son Mike Jr and I wanted to apply our consulting experience to improving the value of companies which contained Supply Chains, Engineering and Logistics. Our goal in acquiring Kessington Aerospace is to create an American supply chain of machined parts, assemblies, etc. which can compete worldwide including China and India.

Kessington has always done well in Commercial Aviation. However, we had to improve our ability to quickly respond to Military requirements for extremely complex parts. We were fortunate in hiring Patrick Durcinka as President and CEO. Patrick is a Lean Six Sigma expert with years of management experience at Honeywell Aerospace. Patrick reduced the cycle time of producing a new part from months to a few weeks by using the latest technology. He acquired 5-Axis Mills that could machine 20-inch cubes of metal, automated saws, angle grinders, etc. The company now delivers >98% on-time, due to its’ use of On-TimeProcessesâ software which implements a Pull System of cycle time control across the entire enterprise.

Our Military sales grew dramatically as customers knew they could rely on Kessington to deliver complex parts on time which is confirmed by our customer references. We invite you to visit our facility near South Bend IN, and look forward to working with you. 

Mike George Sr.

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