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We provide the latest in CNC turning and milling equipment to support all customer needs for precision manufacturing.


We would like to thank you for your interest in Kessington Aerospace Products.


We would be pleased to have you visit our 85,000-square-foot facility in Elkhart, Indiana, a central location for efficient distribution throughout the Midwest and across the country.  We consider our move to this 8-acre expandable site in 2003 an investment in both our future and that of our customers.


As you begin to learn more about us, you will find that our commitment to quality under pins every effort—and is evidenced by a number of independent factors. .



ISO-9001;2015, AS-9100 Rev D and NADCAP-approved wire EDM by PRI.

Achieved and maintained via quarterly audits by BSI, Inc.










Kessington Aerospace has attained the high quality certification with each customer for parts that are delivered "dock-to-stores."


We employ the principles of "lean manufacturing," utilizing Kaizen 
events. We also use 5S principles in the arrangement of our workspace, leading to greater efficiency and, ultimately, lower costs for you.


At Kessington, you won’t find the level of separation between employees and management that too often exists in manufacturing. Since we strive so hard to earn—and keep—you as a customer we can say unequivocally that we guarantee your complete satisfaction.



You have our word on it.

At Kessington we utilize a broad range of equipment to bring a more robust approach to our customers.  These include:  A broad range of Multi axis mill turns, 8 axis twin spindle CNC turning centers, 5 axis vertical mills, 12ft. bar feed capabilities, swiss lathes, and more.


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